A Family Affair: BELAY-bor Day recap

Sep 10, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Labor Day holds a special place in our hearts as Chicagoans. Steeped in Chicago’s history is its creation, support, and reliance on unions. The Haymarket affair, which occurred on May 4, 1886, serves as the tragic reminder of the history of labor demonstrations within our city. An initiative for the Labor Day holiday itself was then supported by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor first as a parade in New York City. In an effort to not commemorate the massacre, then-U.S. president Grover Cleveland established Labor Day in September of 1887.
In recognition of the holiday, we moved our BELAY-bor day celebration to September 2nd and closed early on the actual Labor Day. The festivities themselves proved to be a winning combination of races, games, and treats for any and everyone who stepped within our doors. Whether you wanted to grab a bite after your climb, take and share photos with your friends, or compete in our traverse race for exclusive prizes, the evening was jam-packed with opportunities to let loose and have fun! Check out photos of the event below and stay tuned for more information about upcoming BKB Chicago events!

Live mural painting with Radah and Zespo

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Traverse racing for prizes from the White Sox, Nellcote, Cairn and ZipCar.

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SUPER delicious bites from the Chicago Food Boss

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BKBalloon pop darts for gear rentals, free day passes and memberships.

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ZipCar’s backyard playground featured giant Jenga and art car painting to keep the games going!

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And the rest of the activity around the facility that night couldn’t be missed either, with ping pong and a KILLER DJ set from DJ Ari Frank.

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