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Brooklyn Boulders Foundation Kids Scholarship: Ryan & Jason

Aug 19, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Currently, the two selected champions for this summer’s program are wrapping up their summer time here at Brooklyn Boulders. Meet Ryan (11 ½ years old) and Jason (8 years old).
How you climbed before/been to BKB before?

RYAN: We have! I went to Brooklyn Boulders on my birthday, and I went on Jordan’s 11th birthday.

Favorite book you’ve read recently:

RYAN: Percy Jackson and heros of olympus. They’re two different series.
JASON: Origami Yoda.

What do you guys like to do?

RYAN: I like trains.
JASON: I like to play minecraft. And make stuff out of pizza boxes!

What are your favorite snacks:

RYAN:Fruit snacks. Every flavor: I love them all
JASON: Applesauce.

What does it mean to you to be healthy and active?

JASON: Makes me feel confident and I feel strongerrrr

What’s one thing you can do to make the world better?

RYAN: Making everybody like Fallout Boy.
JASON: If i could, I would make the subway quieter by making it a monorail system.

What was your favorite experience this week?

RYAN: Bouldering!
JASON: Autobelays!

What do you like most about school?

RYAN: Ummm computer class. Cos I like computers. I just like all technology
JASON: Choice time (where you can do anything you want inside the classroom!) and recess.

What do you tell people about Brooklyn Boulders?

RYAN: GO IT IS AWESOME! Overall it’s just really fun.
JASON: BEST PLACE EVER! I love climbing! I like Monkey Island.

Where would you guys be if you weren’t here?

RYAN: Coney island subway yard. Hanging out on the subway.
JASON: Probably at Dad’s work or mom’s.

The Brooklyn Boulders Foundation (BKBF) Kids Scholarship started this summer 2015! The mission of the program is to cultivate community and to effect positive changes in metropolitan cities. One of the program’s initiatives is to bring more diverse youth into our community.
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