Tattoo Stories: The Bloom of Life and Family

Jul 31, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

You might have seen her around Brooklyn Boulders: making signs, decorating the chalkboard, or checking you in for the day’s climb. Her artistic talent knows no bounds (@krapeve), but she sure loves drawing dogs. Evelyn Park reveals a little more skin, her love for family, and her process in choosing a design.

The iris tattoo was actually first, from 2009, and it is my own design. There are seven, larger, main petals and those represent my family members (four brothers, both parents). The smaller bud that branches off from the same stem represents my 95yo grandmother who has raised all of us including my many cousins and presently lives with my parents…it was her 95th birthday two days ago! She is very healthy and active, hehe… So represented in the flower, my grandmother’s “bud” is from an earlier generation with her own family but we all originate from the same roots.
As for the addition, everything geometric, was one inspired by my own artistic values and interests. After taking years to find the right tattoo artist (danbones from Leathernecks Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY) I asked him include aspects of traditional Korean knot-making in the design which led to the integration of sacred geometry, specifically the flower of life. The central and four surrounding whorls are based off the Korean knots and the overlapping circular pattern form the flower of life— sacred geometry and the flower of life alone has a whooole history behind it…very extensive and quite interesting if you’d like to read up on it~ I felt the tattoo was fitting because it was my way of subtly and beautifully representing my Korean roots.
When it comes to tattoos for myself, I like to think of my body as one composition or canvas…and so I usually take a lot of time before deciding on finally getting one.
I got my iris done at Stingray Tattoo by “Chico” Torres and the sacred geometry at Leathernecks by danbones.

Tattoos are intimately personal, and stereotypical of Brooklynites. Walking through Brooklyn Boulders, it’s more often than not you’ll see some adorned bodies climbing our walls. Each inked piece tells a story, whether it’s silly, inspirational, nostalgic, funny or just a fond memory.
BKB Tattoo Stories showcase various tattoos around our space, and the stories behind them. Get to know your community of climbers a little more than skin-deep.
If you have a particular story you’d like to share – get in touch with us:

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