Hey Flash Foxy: The Future is Ladies Climbing

Jul 06, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Always wanted to try climbing but wanting an all-girl climbing crew to join first? Meet Shelma Jun, California native who is a Brooklyn transplant of four years, longtime member of the BKB community and founder of the infamous and badass all-girl climbing crew, Flash Foxy. She works at a community based non-profit, Hester Street Collaborative.

“I started climbing in 2009 — but not seriously until I moved to New York. I started climbing because I had reconstructive shoulder surgery and my doctor told me I couldn’t do anything that I could fall on. At the time I was back country skiing and snowboarding, so my friends brought me to the climbing gym to top rope.
Climbing is a really fun way to push yourself, to be a part of a community of people. It’s also kind of like problem solving, which is really fun.
Read more about Flash Foxy here… and if you haven’t tried climbing yet, here are some reasons to start. Don’t forget: only a few more weeks of our BKBQB membership presale: don’t miss out!
The future is ladies climbing…. especially on Mondays at BKBOG – for just $15, women can get a day pass + gear rental from 7pm on! Join us tonight. #bkblove

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