Climb, Care, and Collected

Jun 30, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Community is earned. It grows and changes and comes together in ways unlike one originally imagined. As BKB Chicago continues to establish itself within the Chicago community as a whole, the West Loop community where our facility is located, and the climbing community, we’ve begun to look for new outlets which help expand our message and connect us to the people and places around us.
Enter Climb + Care. Created by Elise Schmitt, our Events Manager, Climb + Care aims to give back the best way we can … with our hands. We’ve begun partnering with different organizations across the city to provide small volunteer efforts which add up to big, worthwhile changes.
The first Climb + Care event took place on June 20th. A group of 10 volunteers met at the nearby Skinner Park to fix flower beds and provide general grounds keep. “We had an eager group of climbers ready to pitch in and really get their hands – literally and figuratively – dirty,” began Schmitt. “Everyone worked as a team to begin the first steps of repairing the flower beds at Skinner which made for a fun bonding experience.”
After the volunteer session, non-members were invited to climb for free for the rest of the day and members were guaranteed a spot for that month’s Breakfast Club. Although Climb + Care ended with a sweet (sweaty) reward at the end, the event proved to be a great way to bring strangers together under a great cause – giving back. “It was really great to see our community come together and help out both each other and the park,” said Schmitt.

Stay tuned to the Brooklyn Boulders Chicago blog for details on the next Climb + Care event and how you can RSVP!

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