Funny Rock Climbing Story? Glad You Asked.

Jun 25, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

What’s your funny rock climbing story? We collaborated with a youth climber at BKB and our Route Setting Manager Garrett Koeppicus to bring you: Helen’s Rock Climbing Story, animated. Check it out.
Kids climb fearlessly, unbounded by the limitations we accept as we age. They bring an invaluable perspective to our community. We asked Laura and her daughter Helen, a youth climber at Brooklyn Boulders, to share with us what they enjoy about climbing:

The Future Is Weird:  click here to read more about how and why we made this video.
Feeling the #bkblove? Wanna get your kid brother climbing? Or trying to motivate your Snap Chat addicted teen to get off their bum and phone? Check out our engaging Youth Programs at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge (and here in Brooklyn).

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