Community Spotlight: Sarah Evans

Jun 10, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Get to know your Brooklyn Boulders community: especially this babe, who’s kicking ass in the kitchen and on our walls. Sarah Evans is a chef at The Good Fork¬†of Red Hook– a farm-to-table inspired restaurant not too far from us– and her hospitality and genuine down-to-earthiness is¬†apparent in her bright smile and gung-ho attitude.

sarah evans
Sarah Evans destroys this V2

Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn?

Sarah Evans. I took a permanent pit stop in Brooklyn after my college internship here in the city.

How did you start climbing?

The day after my high school prom I was invited by my date and a friend. It was a gorgeous day in Tennessee and one to remember. I actually almost died from repelling off of a 100 plus foot cliff…glad I looked down to check my rope. I suppose I am an adrenaline junkie considering I went back the very next day.

What do you do?

I am a line cook at an amazing restaurant in Red Hook, Brooklyn: The Good Fork. If you haven’t been I highly suggest it. We kind of rule!

What’s it like to be a female chef?

It is extremely empowering to have a job that society claims to be for men. Just like any other laborious position out there…if a man can do it, so can a woman. Most days I forget how exciting it is to be 20 and to be working 60 hours in a hot and sweaty kitchen with my coworkers who all strive for the same thing: damn good food for damn good people! At the end of the day I am only another cook who is passionate and eager to learn.

Evans kicks ass both on the wall and in the kitchen
Evans kicks ass both on the wall and in the kitchen

What’s it like to be a female climber?

As a female, I do not necessarily feel any differently than any other gender out there. It is something I enjoy persuing just like the next. I enjoy people’s reaction when I tell them I climb and they think I’m a mad woman.

What do you like about climbing?

I enjoy the down time and the atmosphere. My life is so hectic, stressful, and time oriented that when I go to climb I find my peace. I can climb as much or as little as I please, catch up with friends and make new ones, ease my mind of all it holds and reflect on life. Climbing, amongst other things, is my zen.

What are your biggest current projects, on and off the wall?

In climbing – I’m trying to be more fluid and less jumpy. In life – just trying to get my shit together!

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