Friction Labs Chalk Review

May 23, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

A review of FrictionLabs chalk. Have you been wondering why we’ve been stocking fancy looking coffee in our retail space? It’s actually a new brand of chalk from FrictionLabs. Deciding which white powder you’d like to smear all over your hands? Check out this comprehensive review of Friction Labs Chalk from Training Beta – and learn more about chalk than you (probably) know already:

Chalk is mined as dolomite and is made up of Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate, and numerous other compounds. For our purposes as climbers, Magnesium Carbonate is the good stuff, and Calcium Carbonate is the less good stuff. Moisture attaches itself differently to their molecular structures and this is what we as climbers can feel.  When moisture bonds to Calcium Carbonate it attaches itself to the exterior of the molecule, so when we’re climbing we experience a slippery or slimy feeling.  It is literally moisture on the outside of our chalk that gets in the way of it attaching to our hands, leaving them feeling sweaty.
Magnesium Carbonate attaches moisture to the inside of its molecular structure; this means no layer of slime in between you and your chalk. Chalk with a higher concentration of Magnesium Carbonate is therefore more effective at drying your hands and staying on your hands longer, in other words, better chalk!

Much like coffee, Friction Labs offers different types of blends. We carry ’em all in our retail shop – so check out this review of FrictionLabs Chalk and decide what works best for you.

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