International Climbing: STONE Bouldering in Taipei

Apr 03, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

We were told that it was the best bouldering in Taipei, and so we set out on the MRT to the Fu Jen University Station. After wandering around some winding, barren roads that were mostly lined with large warehouses (sound familiar BKBOG?) we eventually stumbled upon STONE Bouldering.
Immediately upon setting foot inside the gym, a strict no-shoe policy (very typical of an indoor Asian environment) was reinforced, but other than that the atmosphere was unmistakably one of a climbing space: convivial and welcoming.
Routes were marked by tiny little squares with numbers, color-coded for difficulty range and denoted with stars to indicate start holds. This made it difficult to simply start climbing without really thoroughly planning out your beta. Laser pointers proved useful here for the mentally lazy.
If you’re ever stuck in Taipei on a rainy day, we highly recommend a visit to STONE Bouldering. And even if you don’t speak Chinese – they’ll understand the word ‘campus’. Because there is no word in Chinese for campus-ing. They just say it in English, and then campus.
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