Meet the BKBeasts

Feb 10, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Arabella Walley, Georgia Bank, and Ruhi Sah make up three of our strongest, youngest female climbers – and they’re all best friends. When we asked them whether or not they wanted to become professional climbers, they all stressed that while it was a goal – they also think it’s as important to have a career.
Meet the BKBeasts.


Arabella Walley
Arabella, crushing the Beast.

Name: Arabella Walley, 8th Grade
Rock Climbing Grade: V8
Hobbies: Singing & acting in musicals.
Favorite Food: Dumplings & Bubble Tea
Role Model: Megan Martin, because she’s always so positive.

I started climbing when I was nine years old – my mom saw an ad in the newspaper, and thought it’d be a fun thing to do. She climbs too, but she can only climb V4.
I like the problem solving tactics to climbing. I don’t really like sport climbing, but I like bouldering because you go higher and sometimes when you fall it feels like you’re flying, even though I don’t like falling.

Thoughts on going Pro? I would want to be a pro climber, but I want to do something else, too. Because what happens when you get older when you can’t climb anymore – what are you going to do in your life?


Georgia Banks.
Georgia Banks.

Name: Georgia Bank, 9th Grade
Rock Climbing Grade: V9
Hobbies: Parkour is cool. Acro Yoga, gymnastics. I also like dancing.
Favorite Food: Soup dumplings.
Role Model: No specific person. I look at anyone who is really strong and how they got there, and their determination and how they got to where they are – and I want that in myself.

I started climbing when I was ten – my mom took me and my brother. I hated bouldering at first, but I liked rope. My brother stopped climbing once I got better than him.
I like that there is technique to climbing, and that it isn’t purely strength based. I like how you have to look at a problem and solve it, like a puzzle or math problem. It’s a challenge.

Thoughts on going Pro? Kinda the same as Arabella. But I definitely want to keep climbing.

ruhi sah
Ruhi, climbing & training.

Name: Ruhi Sah, 9th Grade
Rock Climbing Grade: V8
Hobbies: Hanging with friends & family. Reading.
Favorite Food: Chatt – an Indian meal.
Role Model: I agree with Georgia – there are so many positive figures in climbing who are really determined.

I started climbing when I was twelve – Georgia introduced me to it at a birthday party at BKB. I like the movement, and how there is an infinite number you can do on the wall. It never ends, there’s always a challenge however good you get.
People think climbing is cool, but they don’t really get what it means.

Thoughts on going Pro? Yes. I want to be pro. I want it to be a big part of my life, and I want a career alongside it.
Up next: they’re headed to ABS Nationals this coming weekend in Wisconsin. Wish ’em luck!
Want to find out about the BKBeasts? See more info here. 

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