Community Spotlight: Bobby Hicks

Jan 25, 2015Brooklyn Boulders



Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn?
I’m a twenty-something guy who is searching for whatever piques my interests and challenges my body and mind.  I moved to Brooklyn about eight years ago to live with my girlfriend, Keiko.  I’d visited a few times before and fell in love with the energy, convenience and the potential that New York had to offer.  I was coming from Central Florida, where I had no experience in much of anything, and managed to succeed in NYC by applying myself and taking chances.  Here I am, here to stay, perhaps, and I love every day I’m in this city.


Bobby Hicks


What are your current projects – on the wall and off the wall?
I recently got into climbing, finding it a wonderful way to challenge my mind with my body.  I find the courses on the walls are more like stories than maps.  You can stare at one and see a story unfold – where you may fail, succeed or even get lost.  Obviously, the more difficult climbing routes for the advanced climbers with stronger hands and bodies are beyond my ability.  My project is to learn to beat it; to know that I can and will get to this place of confidence and strength. Off the wall, I try to help those that can’t see their own story yet.  I always wanted to be a teacher, but the pay sucks in Florida and I realized early on that teaching is just giving a bit of your strength to those in need of it.


What’s your fitness philosophy?
Before you can accomplish the skill-sets of the people you admire, you have to believe that you can first.  There is a very mental approach to fitness that is overlooked by the superficiality of wanting six-pack abs and a nice butt. To get to this place, you have to trust yourself, do the research, and understand that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Read more about Bobby’s foray into climbing on his blog here, and check him out on Instagram.

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