Michael Levenson: Head Personal Trainer at BKBQB

Jan 18, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Meet Michael Levenson, our Head Personal Trainer at Brooklyn Boulders. He leads our badass team of personal trainers including Tricia, Phil & Freddy, who are dedicated to working one-on-one with members of our community to address their physical health & meet their goals.


Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn Boulders?
I am always after a challenge and always looking for what’s trending in physical activity! When I came across Brooklyn Boulders, I realized it met all of my criteria and, it provided me with the best challenge of all – using what I know best, how to develop personal training programs to meet client’s unique needs, in the context of something that was pretty new to me. Oh, I had climbed in this type of physical setting before, but I have never met the type of person that climbs at Brooklyn Boulders and experienced this type of community. This is what attracted me to BKB!
What’s your fitness philosophy?
My fitness philosophy is pretty simple. I believe in experiencing everything in a holistic manner, from the inside out. To me, that means using the intensity of a work out to clear your head and be the best you can be, physically and emotionally. In my training routines, I use many principles of yoga to help achieve the “inside out” holistic experience.
Are you a new climber / thoughts on climbing as fitness?
Until coming onboard with BKB a few weeks ago, I was a casual climber. I have new and great respect for the serious and even the real recreational climber. They have discipline and strength beyond compare as they use their mind and their entire body to scale the boulders in an efficient and effective way. Wow is all I can see. I am in awe. I will do my best to help each and every one be their personal best at all times through the development of tailored training regimens to climbing!
How do you envision fitness & personal training at BKB?
BKB presents the opportunity for climbers to reach their personal best, set new goals and then reach them! I already see how the community here supports each other. I intend to provide the PT support that our climbers need. I understand postural alignment, biomechanics, and all aspects of personal training and intend to bring the benefits of all to the BKB PT regimens that we employ with our climbers. I’ll be on the floor learning and helping and hope that our climbers see the value of what they can be with my assistance. Through our personal training packages, we can work with the climbers one on one or in small groups to improve their performance and make them stronger and better at climbing and other things! Think BKB special events!
We will change up the routines to keep them interesting and engaging. We will use all the various disciplines in which I’ve been trained and we will find the best way to make our community reach their potential.

We’re excited to help you up your fitness game with a free personal training consultation. Spend some quality time with a Michael to assess your climbing, fitness and health goals with a free Personal Training Consultation.

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