2015 Horoscopes for Rock Climbers

Jan 15, 2015Brooklyn Boulders

Now that the free climb of the Dawn Wall is complete a mere two weeks into 2015, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson can probably chill out for a bit. Rock climbing has already had a killer year in the mainstream media so far, and as for the rest of us – we still have plenty of time to hack away at our projects and ventures.
Lucky for you millennial BKB climbers, LA-based writer & artist Marty Windhal (previously featured in Vanity Fair, Newsweek) is here to guide you through your 2015 routes.
Not a believer in horoscopes? Don’t worry. We bet someone you know that climbs at BKB does – you can just send ’em here if you wanna skirt the subject.

Every Gregorian Calendar year we begin with both feet on the ground in the astrological earth sign of Capricorn.  For you rock climbers, this is a familiar place to start.  Capricorn is represented by the goat and as such is the mountain or rock climber of the zodiac.  Capricorns often address difficulties in the same way a rock climber might acknowledge a challenging ascent.  While the rocks and boulders you prefer to climb may be igneous, there are other stones to put in your pocket or hang from your neck which may assist you with the less material obstacles in your life.
It may be interesting to note, Aries, that the name “aventurine” comes from the Italian, “a ventura” meaning, “by chance.”  It is a popular stone for gamblers as it is considered good luck and attracts prosperity, but it also carries calming healing properties as well.  It encourages the bearer to slow down  and take time in the achievement of goals.  Whomever taught you to drive, they likely instructed you to keep distance (usually measured in car lengths) between you and the car in front of you.  This distance makes it easier to make sudden stops safely.  With Uranus in your sign at a hard angle to Pluto until April you may find yourself making several abrupt stops or changes in direction.  Aventurine will not only help reduce stress caused by sudden change or change necessitated by spontaneous epiphanies, but will also help you take risks in your own best direction.
(2 of Cups L)
A wisdom tooth is called a wisdom tooth because it comes in much later than most of our other teeth, later when we are older and wiser.  But as a kid I used to imagine that wisdom teeth were actually transmitters of wisdom, a little radio antennae disseminating wisdom directly into your mouth.  By this logic, were we to all have a dogtooth in our mouth, my guess is it would transmit intuitive and instinctual knowledge, maybe it would also allow for fulfilling naps and vivid dreams.  Since humans do not actually possess a dogtooth you might want to pick one up in the form of amber “dogtooth” calcite which encourages a similar intuitive wisdom.  The changes you may encounter this year Taurus, are not likely to come in the earthly form you are accustomed to, instead they may be more prominent on an intangible spiritual level.  Demands may be made which exercise your intuition.  In other years it was likely easier to point to literal manifestations, visible leaks in the pipes.  This year let your dogtooth be your guide.  Practice trusting the feelings in your gut.  Amber calcite will help you see the truth it offers.
(7 of Wands Rev)
Every so often a friend of mine makes a list of who her friends are.  “Am I on it?” I said nervously the first time she told me about it.  “Of course!” she replied.  “Why do you do it?” I asked.   “Because it’s easy to forget,” she said, “who your friends really are.”  While I thought the idea strange at first, it seems it might be helpful for you to consider adopting a similar process, Gemini.  This year may be viewed as one of clearing obstructions, any obstacles which prevent you from a fulfilling, connected and present existence.  It may be helpful to define friendship for yourself.  The list of people with whom you have a truly intimate and mutually caring relationship may not be as long as you had originally imagined.  Aragonite is considered a grounding and clearing stone and may help bring clarity to any situation which leaves you feeling conflicted or undecided.  It often comes in what are called “star clusters” which look to me like jeweled lint balls, if lint was composed of luminous apricot colored stone.  The clusters, it seems, have gathered around them exactly what they need with room for little else.
(6 of Swords)
Conichalcite comes in a rather alarming, almost unnatural shade of green.  A color I’ve only seen in a magic marker.  As a kid I remember it was the color that always inspired me to draw a forest, it was too deep a green to be wasted on grass.  2015, Cancer, could be your year to draw or plant a forest.  Uranus may periodically shock your career house with sudden change or insights and Saturn will be moving through your 6th house of work and service providing support for your vision.  Now more than ever before you may be inspired to start something or even somethings new.  Conchalcite will provide the feelings of comfort and solace you crabs crave as you make courageous and decisive changes in your life.  These changes may also directly or indirectly impact the structure of your relationships.  Again, conichalcite can assist you in synching up with and understanding natural bio rhythms of change as they apply to your intimate relationships.
(Shaman of Discs R)
Cactus quartz, also known as spirit quartz, is only found in one place in South Africa.  For this reason you might not have much luck finding it at rock or crystal shop and you may not want to purchase it anyway because it is so rare.  The variety I was thinking of is the one that combines citrine and amethyst.  Similar results may be achieved by carrying one of each stone (citrine, amethyst and quartz).  For the first six months of 2015 Jupiter, planet of gifts and luck, will be in your sign.  The expansive effects of this planet may be felt predominantly on an internal level until April when the planet once again goes direct.  Prior to April is a good time to “get your ducks in a row” so you are ready to launch anything you’ve been incubating since December 8th (when the planet first went retrograde).  Spirit quartz or cactus quartz, particularly when it contains citrine, connects your drive and powers of manifestation with your higher self.  You may not want to see every idea that passes through your head come to fruition, but cactus quartz (or the aforementioned combination of crystals) may allow you to see which ones have integrity.
(10 of Discs)
Despite being a rock, mangano calcite looks almost soft.  It also has the appearance of something that might smell good, like fresh laundry or like a flower.  The image alone envelopes the senses.  This year Virgo, Jupiter continues to expand things behind the scenes in your 12th house asking you to have faith and develop and integrate a more spiritual outlook on life.  Change is best navigated slowly and intuitively, particularly in the first half of the year.  In the second half of 2015, Jupiter, planet of gifts in luck, sometimes referred to as the “Cosmic Santa Claus,” will move into your sign for an entire year which is why it is important to ready yourself for those gifts.  Mangano calcite assists you in surrendering your anxieties and worries to your angels, guides, higher power (whatever words you choose to describe that spiritually motivated part of yourself).  Allow a sense of calm to envelope you.  Consider calling on the mangano calcite to melt your worries when you encounter the static cling of anxiety.
(XII Hanged One Rev)
My favorite form to find this stone is called botryoidal hematite which looks like inky black petrified soap bubbles.  It’s bubble form is somewhat contradictory to the properties it promotes since it is actually a grounding stone.  Libra, this year, 2015, the focus will be on strengthening your relationship with yourself and your own intuitive understanding.  This strengthening may be facilitated by periodic changes to your family and home structure, particularly in the first few months of the year.  Some may see the changes you make as rebellious, but it is really just an assertion of self.  With hematite in your pocket you will find the courage you need to stand up to all the old versions of yourself, the person you feel pressured to be or the person people may have come to depend on you to be, a perception which does not necessarily benefit you or your changing self concept.  Consider the seasons and the nature of change and trust that all skins you shed are a necessary evolution.
(XI Strength)
New ideas and projects as well as new friendships and associations may expand your self concept this year, Scorpio.  Saturn left your sign and entered your second house, ensuring that new ideas and associations may provide monetary support over the next few years.  For the first half of the year Jupiter will be in your tenth house of honors, career and public standing, shining a spotlight on your accomplishments in those areas, particularly after April 8th.  With Chiron, planet of wounds and healing, in your 5th house of creativity and self expression for the next few years, you will be provided opportunities to heal wounds inhibiting self expression or muffling your creative voice.  Neptune in the same house encourages you to dream big and andradite garnet (a deep olive green-colored stone) may assist by providing confidence to this area of your life as well as attracting those friendships and connections which both inspire and support your uniquely creative voice.  Garnet is traditionally a flashy red stone drawing a lot of attention to itself.  Andradite garnet has a depth of color that at once captures your attention and then compels you to take a closer look, much like yourself, Scorpio.
(Ace of Wands)
Nuumite is called the “Sorcerer’s Stone.”  Its story and origin sound just as fantastical as its name.  A volcanic rock found in high rugged mountain terrain in a part of Greenland only accessible by boat, it is said to be the oldest mineral in the world (this world at least).  For these reasons, if you do decide to go on a mission or quest in search of it, I recommend only purchasing small amounts.  It goes without saying that it is incredibly powerful so you don’t need much of it anyway.  Nuummite is said to stimulate awareness of personal power and strength, simultaneously releasing you from past karma and old emotional entanglements which may be holding you back from self realization.  Saturn moves through your sign for the next few years, helping uncover your vision for the future (if you are not yet sure what it is) and then assists you in making this dream a reality.  Jupiter (your ruling planet) travels through your 9th and 10th houses stoking the fire of this process and connecting you to your highest self.  Remember that this stone does not give you magical powers, it only serves as a reminder of the incredible power you already possess.
(I Magician)
This stone often looks like snow in its more raw form and energetically is just as light.  Pluto has been and will continue to move through your sign for a few years to come, Capricorn.  Pluto is not the easiest house guest, particularly for an earth sign such as yourself.  Pluto facilitates change and transformation.  Over the past few years and through March, Uranus, planet of lightning changes, has been aspecting Pluto.  This is not a subtle poke in the side, it is a sharp reminder of the necessity to move forward, to leave what is no longer helping lift you into the future behind.  For you this jab is coming from your fourth house, representing your childhood, home and family.  Perhaps you are becoming aware of patterns or survival mechanisms you inherited from your family or developed in childhood that are no longer helpful in your adult life.  Datolite encourages a closer examination of the root of these issues allowing you to make conscious decisions about whether you want to continue to use these tools or develop new strategies.
(VII Chariot Rev)
When I first saw the name of this stone written I was sure it said “pyromaniac,” in fact there are some similarities.  Pyromaniacs impulsively start fires and pyromorphite energizes the wearer or bearer and helps ignite the fires of creativity.  Pyromorphite also enhances the energy of other stones, in a sense making the other stones burn brighter.  It would be good to look at 2015, Aquarius as a new adventure.  Uranus, your ruling planet, is in Aries in your third house of communications and self expression among other things.  This may stimulate new ideas and new forms of communication or inventive ways of teaching or conveying those ideas.  Jupiter in Leo, a fire sign, is in your house of partnership for the first half of 2015, fanning the flames of love and expanding romantic potential before it moves on to create depth of intimacy and provides ease to potentially difficult transitions in the second half of the year.  Be a pyromorphite not a pyromaniac, starting creative fires and encouraging the flames of others to burn brighter.
(O Fool)
Prehnite has a luminous glow and in it’s raw form looks almost alien or like snot bubbles, depending on your perspective.  I prefer the former.  There is no doubt that there is something mystical about this stone which is what people might sometimes say about you, Pisces.  Perhaps you have even been described as having a luminous glow.  Your sign continues to host both Neptune (planet of dreams) and Chiron (planet of wounds and healing) throughout this year.  Chiron provides the opportunity to break with unproductive and escapist habits, but in revealing those wounds, sometimes the planet may also deepen the pain associated with those tendencies.  It requires the strength of will to see those wounds for what they are and work with the healing capabilities of Chiron to transform them.  Prehnite connects will with heart, action with emotion, with ease and fluidity.  Jupiter moves from your sixth house of work to your seventh house partnership, expanding work opportunities in the first half of the year and love in the second half.  Prehnite fosters feelings of unconditional love not only for others but for self too.  Uranus in your second house brings new values, and perhaps material wealth which in turn may alter your role within friend groups, or associations.  With prehnite in your pocket you can trust that your decisions will always be made from a place of love, even the most difficult ones.
(Ace of Cups R)

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