CAMPUS BOARD TRAINING with Bryan Birbiglia

Dec 18, 2014Brooklyn Boulders

Bryan B Campus Wall
Bryan, physical therapist and regular BKB fixture, has been bouldering for about four years, and somewhat recently broke his toe sport climbing – but only more recently discovered that. Since his injury – and you “can’t do much for a broken toe” – he spends most of his time on the campus wall, working out his upper body strength while giving his foot a rest.
He does the Chris Webb Parsons hang program twice a week, and he also has his own custom BKB campus wall workout.
BRYANS CAMPUS BOARD WORKOUT – The Wednesdays & Sundays Edition.
Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Warm-up: Dead hangs and pull-ups until “I feel warm.”
bryan warming up
To help with the dead hang timing, Bryan uses the app Gym Boss 2:

Gym Boss 2.
Gym Boss 2.

And then the real work begins. Welcome to the CRIMP-LADDER NUMBERS GAME.
campus board
2, 6, 9:
Using the wooden campus rungs (of any thickness), start on 2 with your right hand, then go up 6 with your left hand, and right up to 9. Do this 4x on each arm.
Bryan B Hangboard
Start with two hands on the same rung, skip to the next one and then back down. Do this 3x and 3 sets.
Bryan B Descend
Start with your left hand on 3, right hand on 1 then pull up to 6 with your right hand. Do this 3x on each arm, three sets.
Do this workout enough, and you’ll be able to hang with the strongest of ’em (and with a 50 pound weight attached):
bryan weight hang

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