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Why We Want Veterans at Brooklyn Boulders

Nov 11, 2014Brooklyn Boulders

Thank you so much for the input you had during today’s Veteran’s Day/ Brooklyn Boulders Somerville round table. Timing seemed difficult, since most parades, talks and more were from 10 AM – 12 PM. We recognize that getting to BKB Somerville after that might not be possible or priority to many vets.
More importantly, our round table gave us the opportunity to listen and receive several valuable pieces of advice afterwards. Here are some major points:
1) Brooklyn Boulders Somerville is Climbing + Community, so we’re going to do a better job of reaching out to activist groups to support effort already in motion. Thank you for your service.
2) Veterans and First Responders have skills that are valuable to community: training, certifications, etc, so we’re going to reach out training groups like local crisis trainers and Team Rubicon to provide a bigger opportunity for people to activate their passion.
3) Veterans love physical challenges, so if you’re very active this is for you. Next week we’ll be beta-testing an upcoming BKB Climbing Certification on November 19th and 20th.
Vets have top priority. Sign up online or by calling the front desk.
4) We want veterans at the core of our community, so we’re now removing constraints we didn’t mean to have in place. From November 12th – 16th, Veterans and First Responders (Nurses, Physical Therapists, Ambulance Drivers, etc) get FREE passes to BKB Somerville.

Bring your DoD, VA ID Card or DD Form 214 to verify. 

Let’s keep this conversation going:

  1. How can we make vets, police, fire, and EMTs a strong part of our community?
  2. How can BKBS help better support the Somerville community and engagement here?

If you have questions or advice, please direct them to somerville@brooklynboulders.com.
– Brandon (General Manager, Veteran)

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