5 Reasons Why Every Rock Climber Should do Yoga

Aug 26, 2014Brooklyn Boulders

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Rock climbers, when they do fall on the side of a stereotype, are buff and reluctant to do yoga. As if there’s some strange stigma of yoga being an exercise for the weak. We would not have yoga classes at BKB if that were the case. Yoga and rock climbing are two of the world’s oldest sports, and are naturally complementary.

1. Animals do it. The term “downward dog” is literal because dogs, wisely, are constantly stretching. They have a primal instinct to stretch their bodies out, as did the cavemen who climbed rock walls.

2. Core strength. Yoga is not as simple as breathing – all of those inhales and exhales are necessary to hold difficult, strengthening poses. Having a strong core is essential to rock climbing.

3. Balance. When you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, you need to be able to keep your body perched perfectly. A good sense of balance is key to staying on the wall without wasting energy.

4. Increased Flexibility. Constantly working out your arms can add undue stress on your upper body and overdevelop muscles. Regular stretching can counter that stress and even help increase your reach.

5. Focus. One of the most beneficial aspects of yoga is to keep your mind focused on your breath, and your movement. Rock climbing is no different: when you’re on the wall, it’s easy to be distracted by your fears, your anxieties, and whatever else is happening off the wall. The meditative nature of yoga helps counter that.
Next time you’re climbing, be sure to check out our yoga classes! See the schedule here.

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