Active Collaborative Workspace

Aug 13, 2014Andrew Ching

Brooklyn Boulders’ Active Collaborative Workspace (ACW) is built on the premise that a space full of raw energy, vibrancy, art, music, and people pushing physical and mental boundaries can truly foster creativity and more importantly, productivity. Positive disruption of sedentary work sessions in the form of play, movement, and exercise fuels creative thought, encourages collaboration and results in a happy and healthy work environment.
Built on top of a 120 foot long and 22 foot high climbing wall in the midst of the 40,000 square foot hybrid climbing facility that is Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, the ACW isn’t your average collaborative workspace. Polished, quiet and sterile is not what you will find here. Expect impassioned conversations, business meetings punctuated by pull-up sessions and cheering from those at the stand-up desks as friends tackle a tough climbing challenge on the wall across the way.
The ACW is coming to Chicago and will find it’s second home at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago. Stay tuned to learn more as our First Ascent Membership pre-sale and Soft Opening approach.

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