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BKB Courageous Explorers: A Climbing and Sailing Adventure

May 14, 2014Brooklyn Boulders

At Brooklyn Boulders from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. kids will boulder and top rope amidst learning climbing knots, playing team-building games, traversing the slackline and more! The BKB Courageous Explorers curriculum has a focus on climbing in the outdoors – we will talk about necessary climbing gear, safety procedures and local climbing sites worth checking out!
Shea – the Youth Program Manager at BKB – says, “I think it’s really important to connect kids who live in urban environments with nature. There is a dichotomy between indoor and outdoor climbing. The first time you apply what you learn in the gym to real rock becomes a memory that will stay with you forever. Nurturing love for the sport while enabling kids to work as a team is what the Explorers program will strive to achieve—whether you’re new to BKB or have been to an Adventure Day or Kids Academy before.”
At Courageous, young sailors will spend their days learning basic sailing theory and seamanship such as tacks, gybes, points of sail, wind direction, parts of the sailboat, sail handling and knot tying.  Students will have a chance to raise and strike the sails as well as steer the boat alongside a certified sailing instructor. In addition to sailing, students will learn about Boston Harbor ecology, marine life, weather and might even have the chance to interact with some sea creatures!
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Rebecca Inver, Youth Program Outreach Coordinator at Courageous Sailing says, “Sailing is a really unique way to view the water and connect with others.  On the water you have to work with your shipmates to accomplish tasks, like setting the sails, to end up where you want to go.  You also learn to handle dynamic forces such as wind, currents and the tide.  Learning to deal with these elements teaches you how to handle other unpredictable elements that occur in your everyday life.  Sailing gives you the confidence to work well with others and work harmoniously with your environment.
We are so excited to work with BKB this summer because it is an amazing opportunity to combine two alternative and active sports: climbing and sailing!  Students who are very physical and learn by moving will thrive in both the climbing and sailing activities that we are offering. BKB has a similar goal of providing unique opportunities that lead to teamwork and confidence, so it’s a natural fit for our two organizations to collaborate.
An interesting fact is that more than half of our 65 summertime sailing instructors are program alumni who started sailing with Courageous back when they themselves were elementary and middle school students. Many of these instructors are current college students who sail competitively for their schools. Others have gone on to become professional teachers at schools around the Boston area, which means they can and still do sail at Courageous on their summer vacations.”
Shea: I love organizations that become a kind of second home to students. For that, there’s nowhere like BKB in Boston— I view it as a hub within the Hub. The culture the community is creating here is really fantastic. Rock climbing has been a passion of mine for 5 years now and the fact that it is the central focus in a facility that integrates so much art, music and innovative thinking makes me psyched to see our youth programs grow from where we were when we first opened. In this space, I want kids to believe that their big ideas will have a place to be communicated and developed, which is one reason why it’s important to keep our youth programs dynamic and multidimensional. What you get out of a cross-program like BKB Courageous Explorers is monumental. It will change the way you think—no boxes! No comparisons! Just collaboration.

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