Spring Carnival Magic

Apr 08, 2014Brooklyn Boulders


BKB Climbers in the early morn’. 

Spring Carnival this year, held on March 22nd, saw  some thirty overnight campers and over one-hundred early risers line up to claim their Spring savings. For our Spring Carnival sale, as with all of our quarterly sales, the earliest bird snatches the best savings. This time around that meant getting great savings towards a 4-month Spring Pass.


Victor Thompson, first-in-line 3 sales running.

The magic of our quarterly sales is not in the sale itself (which is pretty great though). As most BKB climbers will attest, it is the Brooklyn Boulders community that truly sets this place apart. Even after camping out overnight, many dedicated BKB’ers chose to stick around for the rest of the day, climbing amongst friends and taking part in the Spring Carnival festivities, along with families and children who wanted in on the fun. As it turns out, sumo wrestling suits, photo booths and dunk tanks are a big hit amongst both adults and children alike.


This scene doesn’t look all that out of place at BKB.


Of course Batman is a climber. It just makes sense.

Now you might be asking yourself: Why would anyone want to camp out in the cold? That sounds awful.

Thirty-two hours into his wait for our Spring Carnival sale, BKB Somerville member, Victor Thompson, was all smiles. For the third time in a row he camped out overnight to get in on a quarterly membership sale. Now, not only has Victor been climbing at BKBS for free for the past 8 months, there are some other bits of magic, unique to Brooklyn Boulders, that keep him coming back. Watch the video to find out the secret:

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