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Experience Hueco

Mar 03, 2014Brooklyn Boulders


We know of few better things in this world for the heart, mind and soul than climbing in the outdoors. For us, it is where we find balance, where we push our limits and where we learn the most valuable lessons.

Experience Hueco is an independent retreat with focus on creativity, nature and play in one of the greatest outdoor bouldering areas in the world – Hueco Tanks, Texas. For gourmet food, professional climbing guides, professional video footage of your climbs and incredible digs at the The Hueco Hacienda, this is one five-day escape we cannot recommend more highly!

Imagine this: “Spend your days hiking and climbing in the sunshine. Learn proper techniques for warming up, cooling down, and mastering real rock. Enjoy farm-fresh breakfasts, mountainside picnics and hearty dinners prepared by a private chef. Spend your nights in a Spanish-style villa, with warm beds and hot showers. Receive targeted bodywork from a sports masseuse.┬áRoast marshmallows, sip brandy and partake in wellness workshops under the stars.”

And all of this in the Mecca of American bouldering. Learn more about this amazing opportunity here.

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