Boulder: Boulder, CO

Mar 06, 2013Brooklyn Boulders

I’m on a climbing gym tour of America! Latest stop, The Spot in Boulder, CO. They sport a proprietary “spot” grading system, with difficulties ranging from 1 to 5+ spots. The locals tell me that 5+ ranges from V8 to V15. I fall off some 5+ problems and relish in the fact that I could be falling off V12s and just not know it!
I instantly fall in love with the beautiful front wall, pictured below. It’s got a massive prow and the squishiest mats I’ve ever had the pleasure of falling on. Seriously, they’re like funhouse floors. I get my origami climbing on and climb until I have no skin left on my fingers and a gnarly bruise from knee barring that I’m still sporting a week later.
Then I stuff myself silly at Sun Deli: vegan BBQ chicken pizza roll with house-made almond cheese. Nom!

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