Climb San Diego

Feb 18, 2013Brooklyn Boulders

Winter with its dipping temps and howling winds was really starting to wear me out. Luckily, I was invited to interview at a grad school in San Diego. The perfect excuse to say ‘hullo’ to the Pacific Ocean and check out the local climbing gym.
After a drive out to the coast to catch some sunshine & iodine, I got back into my rental, an adorable blue Mini with white racing stripes, and headed to Vertical Hold, one of San Diego’s many climbing gyms, and as the internet kindly informed me, its best.
Though not as big & glorious as our own Brooklyn Boulders, the bouldering at Vertical Hold was no joke, with a slew of caves, topouts, and sandbagging that could break a girl’s heart. I busted out my usual repertoire of hand-foot matches, lockoffs, and even threw in a pogo for good measure, but still didn’t manage to send a single V3. Oh well, the local surfer boys were still impressed!

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