BKB Pioneers Community Centric Disaster Response

Nov 14, 2012Brooklyn Boulders

Frankinstorm Sandy was the closest thing we have seen to a zombie apocalypse. When the beast made landfall, Brooklyn Boulders was converted into the bat cave in less than 24 hours. Military veterans from Team Rubicon, the rapid deployment team from Goal Zero  (the rugged solar panel provider) and our very own Rene from facilities came together to take on the aftermath of the storm.
Trucks full of supplies: hundreds of sledgehammers, solar panels, batteries, chainsaws and wheelbarrows lined the walls of the BKB armory. On a daily basis,  fifty plus members from Team Rubicon would suit up and head out into the field to perform search and rescue and other recovery functions. At night they would return.  And when the lights were shut off after hours at BKB HQ, sleeping bags were rolled out on matts, hammocks were hung and the deployed teams settled in for four hours of sleep before their next mission. 
Community centric disaster response is a very new concept, and the BKB HQ served as a pioneering test ground and staging area for what proved to be one of the most effective response initiatives of any humanitarian or government organization. The BKB community facilitated this, and we are thankful for all of you who chipped in, signed up to volunteer and were accommodating to all of the Team Rubicon and other disaster response personnel that have been calling BKB home for the past two weeks. We literally helped thousands of people recover from this disaster.
Thank you!
-Jesse Levin

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