Rock Climbing Terminology

Apr 06, 2012Brooklyn Boulders

For all those people who wonder what climbers are talking about at the gym, this post is for you.
Climbing Terminology
1) Flash: completing a climb on the first try with no falls.
2) Match: When you place either both your hands or feet on the same hold. (A good skill to master)

3) Stem: A move that requires using opposing outward pressure, which can be done with both your feet and your hands. Best way to explain it: when you tried to climb the door frame as a kid.
4) Smearing: Another technical term, which refers to applying the sole of your shoe onto the wall when you don’t have a hold. I think this is easier to do outdoors, but that’s just me.
5) Beta: Advice on how to successfully complete or do a move on a route. WARNING!! Some people really hate getting beta,  but if you are someone like me who occasionally needs it, there are many climbers who will give you beta.
6) Beta-flash: think about it….. flashing with  beta…
7) Dyno: A really dynamic move that typically requires that both feet are off the wall for a hot second and involves some body momentum.
8 ) Mantle: A technical term that refers pushing down on a ledge or hold, typically one pushes down with their hands to allow one to possibly match with one’s foot.
9) Crimp: Technical term that refers to a using just the tips of your finger on a hold. This can take a little while to get used to.

10) Pinch: just another way to use a hold.
11) Undercling: using a hold with your fingers faced upwards instead of down. Typically used on the beast or in the cave.

12) Arete: typically this refers to a narrow ridge outdoor, but indoor this refers to the corner of the wall. If you climb the left back walls, some of the routes will say arete off on the tape.
13) Hook: A technique that involves hooking your heel or your toe.
This post is only about terminology used in an indoor climbing gym, and if anyone is interested in a post about outdoor terminology, just let me know!
Have fun climbing!

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