A Wayward Journey into Indonesian Rock Climbing { 1/4 }

Mar 13, 2012Brooklyn Boulders

July, 25th, 2011. There I sat, half-cocked on a five dollar bottle of Cab Sav. The cold creeping in through my rotting window like an ex-con with the illest intentions. Upright on the bed. Back to the wall. Sleeping bag hiked up to musty arm pits. First layer, second layer, hoodie on top. Nothing will help me escape the cold.
Roaches roam freely about the darkness. Tiny terrorists. Running sorties across the damp mildewed carpet and special ops missions up the exposed vertical face of Dresser Drawer ( 5.12c / 0.8 meters ). Rolling the bottle around in my hand, I guess at the weight of its contents and ultimately how much longer I have to stay awake. But the reality was, that none of this really mattered anymore. Not the cold, or the roaches, or the poverty stricken room. My future was right in front of me, burning loudly on a seven by five inch screen.  Darwin, Australia to Bali, Indonesia. December 1st, 2011. $66.87. Visa. Click to submit.
My mind swelled with exponentially infinite possibility. Of beautiful limestone faces seeping hues of burnt coffee and vanilla. Of first ascents on holds sharp enough to bite. Of billowing smokestacks on rumbling trains burning fast through the countryside. Of adventures that my mind could not yet perceive.  All of this was only one click away. A single twitch of the finger to unleash my dreams into the reality of waking life.
With the ass end of the bottle thrust high in the frigid air, I drew long on Australian grapes. It was all swirling around inside of me now. The tiny screen beckoned. Click to submit payment. Click to commit to the unknown. My finger floated lightly over the weightless plastic square.
Dec, 19th, 2011
Was this real? Was I really walking through the jungle in a pair of tight jeans with two machetes strapped to the back of my climbing pack? Funny, my current reality seemed outlandishly more audacious than my imagination had ever been.
{ 1/4 } – Jean-Pierre Chery
* Check back in a few days for the second part of this four part story.

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