Learn to Climb Series: Meet Kerrin

Nov 07, 2011Brooklyn Boulders

I was born to climb things. At least that’s what my mother said when I would scramble out of my high-chair. Or when I climbed every tree in the park. I never lost that love for scampering up mountains, trees, and cliff-faces, even as my fear of heights peaked and then subsided. Despite my love for climbing, I never truly got into rock climbing. From my youth through college, my time was spent on the soccer field, on the running track, and on a pull-up bar (does that count as climbing?). But with my competitive soccer career at its end, I’ve compiled a list of new obsessions that I want to fuel my active lifestyle. I just completed my first ultramarathon a couple of months ago and just snagged my scuba diving certification, which I promptly used in the depths of the Blue Hole in Belize.
And now rock climbing. I have a thirst for adventure, for doing things that humans weren’t mean to do (like breathe underwater or fly through the sky), and scaling walls fits into that category pretty well (we would have had forearms as big as trucks and hooks for hands). As a relatively new resident to Brooklyn, Brooklyn Boulders seemed like the obvious choice to learn to climb. Even though I’ve only been climbing for a couple of months, I can feel the pull of the challenges that bouldering and climbing offers, wanting to scale harder routes each time I go.
Check back to the Brooklyn Boulders blog often to check my progress, learn as I do, and continue to climb.

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