OMG Shralping the Gneiss Gnar!

Mar 11, 2011Brooklyn Boulders

So on Tuesday March 1st  I come into the gym, and then the dudes (Mark, Jeremy) are all  “Yo’s dude, we think we shralp outside tomorrow, you are coming, so you best be psyched!”  And I’m all thinking, dang this is quite dope, but alas t’is my lovely lady’s birthday, and I am ill prepared for the journey to most delicious gneiss boulders.
After a wonderful dinner and such things, I wake up the following day and rumble off to meet up with Jeremy, Mark, and the illustrious Eric.  Perhaps the most punctual of boulderers,  we all rendezvoused within 2 minutes of each other  at the prescribed time (9:30am in case you had the thoughts of wonder).  Complete aside, but the great hall at Grand Central Terminal is one of my favorite places in Manhattan, and I would encourage you to check it out if you’ve never been there.  I digress.  So the dudes and I are riding up on the train and it is becoming more and more apparent that my footwear is going to be horribly inappropriate for the day, as the snow becomes thicker and thicker the farther north we progress.  Too bad I have 8 years of experience climbing at The Pond and low and behold forgot to mention to everyone how snowy it can be there in March.  Yops.
Anywho, we were greeted by much snow, and only Eric had boots, and Jeremy was using some innovative technology to keep his feet warm and dry (plastic bags he wrapped his feet in).  At the very least the Moby area was dry and we were able to climb around on a few warm ups, and tear it up on Moby Stand, and Assis, V4 and V6 respectively.  Quite a nice boulder problem.  After hucking some number of laps of which I cannot recall on Moby, we walked around the back of the boulder to Catharsis.  Catharsis is an incredibly dope, albeit short problem.  Fantastic rock, holds and movement yield one of the lines that I use as a benchmark for the V9 grade.
Mark and I had done the line previously, but I enjoy it greatly and repeated it a few times.  Eric and Jeremy were very close to sending, and had some excellent goes.  I foresee them crushing it in the future.  Further attempts to boulder were stymied by the volume of snow, and the increasing chill of our feet.  After trundling about for some 20 minutes trying to get to the next boulders, sometimes punching through the snow up to our hip, we decided it was probably best to hike out and shralp another day.  Which we shall do.
~Garrett “Slowchacho” Koeppicus

Eric slip, slap, sloppin up the slopes of Moby.

GK pulling down on his favorite type of hold: Le Pinch.

Jeremy busting out the the opening move of Catharsis, pzzzzzaaaak!

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