Second 2011 Attack on Hueco Tanks. BOOM

Mar 09, 2011Brooklyn Boulders

After my first trip to Hueco Tanks this season, I felt I had some unfinished business.  The second trip was all about non-stop climbing.  Me and my good friend Mike Fienberg only had 4 days to get in our takedown.  So we decided that we would not take a rest day and see what we could do.  On my last trip I tried to do the problem The Full Monty, but was not able to fully figure out the crux move.  The  move involves a very hard left hand through to a  half pad gastone.  I was only able to do the move a couple times on my first 2 sessions working the problem.  After trying the Full Monty my first day of the 4 day siege and feeling pretty horrible on it,  I knew I would only have one more chance.The Full Monty V12 Hueco Tanks Texas

On my last day of the 4 day trip I made it back to the area they call the Gunks in Hueco Tanks State Park, where the Full Monty is located.  I would only have a short period of time to do the climbing seeing as how it is blazing in the sun for most of the day and once the sun is off it there is only an hour or so til the park closes and we would have to hike out.  I had a couple good goes but was not putting it together.  I took a long break and walk to the top of another boulder and laid in the sun.  After my break I got real focused and in was able to bang it out not 10 minutes before we had to hike out.  For me doing this boulder problem was a milestone.  I have dreamed of climbing this hard since I started climbing 7 years ago.  I cannot express in words the level of psych that I felt topping out the boulder.

Once the climb was completed it was celebration time.

I woke up the next morning, went to the airport and upgraded to first class for the trip home.

And as always a special thanks to V-Line Climbing and Evolv for the gear

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