Hueco 2010

Jan 06, 2011Brooklyn Boulders

From December 19th-31st me and Brian Kim went down to Hueco.  First arrived at the ranch, really psyched… but too late to climb.  So we got our room set up and all.  The first day of climbing we woke up and ate a good breakfast and headed out to the boulders.  Our tour guide, Rocco, guided us on East Mountain, and we had a blast!!  I got on basically everything I could.  One of my favorite climbs were Snake Charmer, a really cool, high climb.  I did it pretty quick.

Alex on Babyface V7

We had to leave on the 31st, so on the 30th we went to go finish off stuff we were projecting, but there were 70 MPH winds. Brian was giving a few burns on Slashface, and  I was giving a few burns on 10-10. We warmed up and went over to 10-10. I tried it a couple of times and basically got blown off the climb.  So we went over to Slashface and Brian gave a few really good burns, one burn he matched the crux hold and fell going out right.  But unfortunately it was getting too windy and staring to rain.  So we had to say goodbye to Hueco Tanks

Alex on 10-10 V10

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