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At BKB, we offer classes for climbing and fitness. Guests can attend a fitness class with a day pass. Members get full access to all fitness classes and discounts on climbing classes. Group Fitness classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. Please arrive early to find a space in class. Yoga mats are available for rent at the front desk.

Climbing Classes Schedule

Group Exercise Schedule


A high intensity interval training (HIIT) class that strengthens and conditions, utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, battle ropes, climbing, bodyweight and more. Devote just one hour for a well-rounded workout involving strength, stabilization, agility and cardio work with a focus on climber-specific progression. Open to all fitness levels. Bootcamp workouts change almost weekly, so it’s always a new challenge.

Climber Core

Geared specifically to the needs of a climber or anyone looking to develop a monster core, this intense class strengthens the spine, abs, quads and back for better body tone, balance and performance. Using anti-rotation and twist exercises from pilates and yoga, static hold exercises from competitive sports and acrobatic core techniques along with circuit-training, this class will give you the tools to climb stronger, last longer and be more injury free.


Climber Warm Up

Get ready to climb and prevent injury with this 30 minute warm up class, you’ll gradually increase your heart rate and warm up muscles before hitting the walls. Loosen up muscles and joints through foam rolling and exercises like banded walks and finger curls.

Climber Cool Down

Bring your body back to pre-workout or pre-climbing state. Lower your muscular and core temperature through active cool down exercises, stretching techniques, and more. 

Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning

This kettlebell focused class will change from week to week and will mix body weight exercises with basic kettlebell movements to increase strength and fast-twitch muscle fiber growth and response. Open to all fitness levels.

Develop strength, speed, endurance, precision, spatial awareness, dynamism, and creativity, in order to be as fluid, functional and liberated as possible in physical movement and to overcome physical obstacles. Students will begin to develop a way of thinking based on rigorous self-discipline, autonomous action and self-will that allows them to overcome mental obstacles related to their movements. Classes include extensive and dynamic warm-up exercises, instruction in the basic movements of parkour, and a number of strengthening and conditioning exercises to ensure the long-term practice of the sport. Featuring our partners, Parkour Generations Boston.

Beginner Vinyasa Yoga

This beginner yoga class consists of a slow flow followed by deep relaxation, incorporating elements of vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga.  Ample time will be given for breaking down the poses. All levels are welcome.

Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa Yoga

This is a moderate to vigorous vinyasa class in a room heated to around 75ºF. A typical class will focus on breath and steadying the mind while challenging the physical body. We will flow, arm balance, and invert with some innovative sequencing and functional-fitness moves to build strength, resulting in a strong meditative practice with solid alignment principles for safety. This class will be sweaty and deliver some true relaxation. All levels are welcome, as any pose can be modified to suit your energy or experience level.

AcroYoga – Intermediate/Advanced

AcroYoga is a physical practice that blends elements of yoga and acrobatics, performed with a partner. In addition to the exercise and strength-building aspects of AcroYoga the partner balancing can improve concentration and the massage elements can provide stress relief. Bring a partner, or come alone to be partnered with a new friend.