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Group Exercise classes are included with a Day Pass and Membership. Members get additional discounts on Climbing Classes. Group Exercise classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. Please arrive early to find a space in class. Yoga mats are available for rent at the front desk.

Sunrise Savage

Sunrise Savage is a one-hour morning fitness program designed to improve skills through unconventional, hybrid training. Brooklyn Boulders has crafted a morning obstacle race focused on mobility, endurance and strength training – all before Noon. Whether you’re looking to charge your first obstacle course or get in ridiculous shape, Sunrise Savage will unleash your inner beast.


A high-energy circuit conditioning class utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, battle ropes, climbing, body weight and whatever else we can think of. Participants can expect a well-rounded hour of power. The class will be divided into stations involving strength, stabilization, agility, and cardio with a focus on climber-specific progression. Open to all fitness levels. Come psyched to go hard for a full 60 minutes of madness.

Climber Core

Geared specifically to the training needs of the serious climber or anyone looking to develop a monster core, this intense class strengthens the spine, abs, quads and back for better body tone, balance and performance. Using anti-rotation and twist exercises from pilates and yoga, static hold exercises from competitive sports, core techniques from acrobatics and a wide range of circuit training exercises, this class will give you the tools to climb stronger, last longer and reduce your chance of injury.


Climber’s Tabata

Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, featuring exercises that last four minutes. With a focus on the muscles most used in climbing, we’ll workout hard for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then complete eight rounds before wrapping it up. Prepare to build muscle and fine-tune the muscle memory that will help both on and off the walls.

Climber Warmup

This essential class for climbers is designed to help reduce injuries by warming up muscles important to climbing, increasing your heart rate, body temperature and synovial fluid in joints. It also incorporates foam rolling to increase blood flow and the pliability of tight muscles.

Kettlebell Strength + Conditioning

This class integrates strength and stability with explosive, high-intensity movements. We’ll target your entire body, learning how to generate force and use momentum in a controlled manner, then switch it up with dynamic pushing, pulling, and core-focused exercises. Prepare. To. Sweat.

Sunrise Yoga

Wake up with the sun and invigorate your mind, body and soul. This all-level vinyasa flow class is designed to awaken, energize and align the body while calming the mind and creating a peaceful center. We will focus on the breath as we flow through some classic sun salutations and vinyasa sequences, gradually leading up to a more intermediate flow. Expect to leave class feeling energized, centered and ready to start your day!

Beginner Vinyasa Yoga

This class is perfect for someone new to Vinyasa, a type of yoga where you coordinate breath and movement while flowing from one pose to the next. This class moves slowly with step-by-step instructions on all the beginning poses.

Yoga – Advanced Vinyasa

This is a fairly rigorous class that moves at a faster pace than normal and includes advanced variations to basic poses. A regular practice or high body-awareness is recommended.

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