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Personal Training




At Brooklyn Boulders we’ve redefined personal training whether you’re a climber or a non-climber. Our unique team of certified trainers tailor your health and fitness goals in a setting unlike any other that incorporates our climbing walls, fitness equipment and climbing.  Don’t let traditional notion of personal training stand in your way, working one-on-one with a trainer will improve your climbing, your fitness, and will push the performance of both the present and future you.

Whether it’s to be a better climber or reach a fitness goal, start with a 30-minute complimentary session to explore the best personal program to achieve your goals.


30 Minutes

The #BeastIndex is a fitness performance measure we use at Brooklyn Boulders to evaluate your holistic fitness level, understand your physical potential and prescribe a training regimen.

Who Should Take It
Anyone who wants to reach a fitness or personal performance goal – whether to be a better climber, prevent injury, or increase strength and flexibility.

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Personal Training



60 Minutes

You will be paired with the Personal Trainer that is are most aligned with your goals. Our team is diverse in experience, from expert climbers to yogis, kettlebell and martial arts masters, and more. Climb harder, recover from or prevent injury, increase strength, push endurance or build power. Don’t let traditional notions of Personal Training stop you. Creating a goal oriented program will make you a better climber, a better you.

Who Should Take It
All who are wanting to achieve a fitness or climbing goal.


Single Session $99
5 Pack $495
10 Pack $990

Get committed to your goals and save with a multi-pack or monthly autopay options for personal training. Inquire at the front desk.