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brooklyn beatdown

Brooklyn Beatdown 2014 WINNERS!

brooklyn beatdown

A big thank you to everyone who came out to our BROOKLYN BEATDOWN competition this past Saturday! Thank you to the parents of BKBeasts for hosting a delicious bake sale, climbers from The Cliffs, The Rock Club, Steep Rock Bouldering, and Carabiner’s for coming out and competing. Thank you to REI Soho, Naked Juice, Ibex, Urban Plastix, Cuppow, Zipcar, Blue Apron, Evlov, and Goal Zero for sponsoring and donating incredible prizes. And last but not least, a huge thank you to our route setters for creating the crazy fun problems that were climbed.

See all the photos here (and tag yo’selves!) + all the ABS Youth Comp scorecards here.

And now a drumroll please, for our final winners (see full scorecards here)…

  First name Last name Score
1st Place Male Kris Harbold 1975
2nd Place Male Pascal Troemel 1845
3rd Place Male Nikola Protic 1810
1st Place Female Frankie Kuo 1965
2nd Place Female Lisa Lema 1800
3rd Place Female Rose Mackenzie 1790
  First name Last name Score
1st Place Male Marc Weiner 3560
2nd Place Male Miles Schappell-Spillman 3440
3rd Place Male Dan Fine 3420
1st Place Female Vera Kucheryavaya 3420
2nd Place Female Vivian Kalea 3290
3rd Place Female Vivian Shao Chen 3240
  First name Last name Score
1st Place Male Danny Zhao 4195
2nd Place Male Gregory Bahr 4145
3rd Place Male Andrew Belletty 4135
1st Place Female Linnea Russell 3720
2nd Place Female Tiffany S 3630
  First name Last name Score
1st Place Male Kim Andrew 5230
2nd Place Male Jesse Grupper 5065
3rd Place Male Marc Balilo 4930
1st Place Female Ashima Shiraishi 5140
2nd Place Female Georgia Bank 3985
  First name Last name Score
1st Place Male Thomas Phillipon 4170
2nd Place Male Stephen Gross 3720
3rd Place Male Stephen Sollins 3620
1st Place Female Isabel Kraut 1770
Open Category Women’s Winner – Ashima Shiraishi:
 ashima climber winner
Open Category Men’s Winner – Andrew Kim:
andrew kim climber
See the ABS Youth Comp scorecards here + see you at the next one!

How to Enter A Climbing Competition

We’re hosting our first-ever climbing competition at Brooklyn Boulders this upcoming Saturday, October 25th! All levels, ages and climbers are invited to compete.

Never been in a climbing competition before? We give you the lowdown on the BROOKLYN BEATDOWN.

climbing comp confusion


What is a Youth ABS comp?
The Youth ABS (American Bouldering Series) is an official governing body of climbing competitions. To compete in this Youth ABS portion, kids up to age 18 must be registered with ABS ($5 fee payable upon registration, if not already). If they wish, they can also compete in the open climbing competition – but they’ll have to register for both competitions separately.
Who can enter the Open Climbing Competition?
Anyone can enter! All ages and all levels are encouraged to compete. Climbing competitions are a great way to meet new climbers and hone your climbing skills in a fast-paced and fun environment.
I’ve never participated in a climbing comp before. What should I expect?
Upon arrival, you’ll register, check-in and receive your scorecard. There will be an orientation and breakdown of the comp so you’ll know exactly what to do. Be sure to arrive early to give yourself plenty of time to prep. Bring your shoes (rental shoes are available), water and snacks if you’d like – but we’ll have some on hand!
How does the judging & scoring work?
Brooklyn Beatdown will be a red point competition – which means that climbers can attempt problems as many times as they want. Each problem is valued at a certain number of points, though falls deduct points from the value of the climb. If a climber completes the climb on the first try, it’s called a “flash” and bonus points are received.
For each problem, you’ll need to collect two signatures of witnesses that saw your climb for verification. At least one witness must be a BKB staff member or volunteer. At the end of the comp, all the scorecards are collected and your top five highest scores are tallied to your total score.
How do I know which category to enter?
Competitors can sign up in the following four categories:
  • Recreational (V0-V3)
  • Intermediate (V4-6)
  • Advanced (V7-V9)
  • Open (V9+)
  • Masters (All levels, Age 40+)

If you’re somewhere in between and not sure, just pick a category that’s closest to your climbing ability.


What happens if I signed up for the wrong category?
If your scores are off the charts, you’ll be bumped up to the next category. Likewise, if you register for a category a bit out of reach, you’ll be bumped down a category. No sandbagging allowed – that is, signing up for a category way below your skill level.


I just started climbing a few months ago. Should I enter?
Yes! The recreational category is perfect for beginner climbers and a great way to be immersed in the world of climbing. Plus, each category has its own set of winners.


I am practically a climbing pro. Should I enter?
Yes! Some of Brooklyn’s best will be competing and the problems we’re setting will be hard. Come throw down.Will women & men be competing against each other?
No, our competition is separated by men and women. There will be Women’s and Men’s winners for each category.

What can I win?
For our Open Category – climbers competing in V9 levels and up – the first place winners for the men’s and women’s category will win $500 in cash each. For all other categories, first, second and third place winners will receive sweet prizes from our sponsors. All attendees are invited to participate in our raffle, where you can also win some swag.
What’s the after party all about?

It starts at 7pm at Three’s Brewing, at 333 Douglass St. They’ll be serving beers & spirits, and we’ll be celebrating our first climbing competition!


Whatcha waiting for? All competitors get a swag bag & exclusive Brooklyn Beatdown shirt. Sign up, come THROW DOWN.
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