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Grand Opening | 12.13.14 | Fitness Schedule

Fitness Workshops

NB = North Building

SB = South Building
YR = Yoga Room

12:00 – 12:30pm
Full-Body Conditioning (Tyrone Johnson) @ NB

1:00 – 1:30pm
MMA Cicuit (Lee Pavlicek) @ NB
Hooping (Emily) @ SB
Handstands (Andrew Bauer) @ YR

2:00 – 2:30pm
Kettlebell Conditioning (Ashleigh B) @ NB
Aerial Silks (Aerial Addiction) @ SB
Ashtanga Back Bends (Morgan Lee) @ YR

3:00 – 3:30pm
Breakdancing (CJ Williams) @ NB
Acro Yoga (Trevor+Tatiana) @ SB
Arm Balances (Anngela Leone) @ YR

4:00 – 4:30pm
Parkour (Chicago Parkour) @ NB
Burpee Challenge (women’s) @ SB

4:30 – 5:00pm
Burpee Challenge (men’s) @ SB

5:00 – 5:30pm
Capoeira (Gingarte) @ NB


Dear Brooklyn Boulders Members,

Scratch whatever your current Sunday plan is. Here’s a better one, with your NEW membership community perks:

1. Come to BKB for an early morning climbing session.

2. Grab lunch up the block at Wang’s -score 10% off fried chicken, sandwiches and corn on the cob.








3. Get a fancy new ‘do at Sara June with 20% off and look nice for our Ugly Sweater Holiday Party, at 5pm (tickets here – members get special ticket prices!).









4. After party at Pacific Standard Brooklyn, where your BKB membership waives the initiation fee for their Frequent Drinkers Program.

You’re welcome.


The Membership Happiness Team at BKB

P.S. Not a member? Get on board with our 2014 Holiday Membership Sale.


Are You A Grade Chaser?

Grade Chasers. People who dedicate their climbing time towards progression by numbers. Those rock jockeys who evaluate their climbing prowess not by the days they climbed, nor in the quality of the routes, but in the little letter and number after their last climb.

GRAND OPENING | 12.13.14

We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of BROOKLYN BOULDERS CHICAGO at 100 South Morgan Street in Chicago’s West Loop on Saturday, December 13th, 2014 from 12pm to Midnight.


5 Important Lessons from TEDxNewYork

The first independently organized TEDxNewYork at Weylin B. Semour’s in Williamsburg took place this past Saturday, giving Halloween goers (and the BKB team) a brain massage for their hangovers. The theme of this TEDxNewYork was Grand Central, and their mission was to stir up interesting conversations, new ideas and to incite action.

“Brooklyn With Love” Art Show

You are cordially invited to our “Brooklyn With Love” Art Show on December 11th, 2014, 7pm.

There will be complimentary beer, snacks and limited edition prints of Caleb’s new piece for sale! Get yours signed by Caleb himself, and also view portraits of climbers by Koji Ishibashi.

Free & open to the public – just RSVP to

brooklyn with love art



It’s Giving Tuesday. A day to give back, following Thanksgiving & Black Friday.

One of our favorite causes to give to? The Adaptive Climbing Group.


In March of 2012, the formidable Kareemah Batts held an adaptive climbing clinic, and has been growing the organization (that actually changes lives) during her free time ever since.

From Kareemah:

“I am personally asking that on this international holiday of giving that you consider us in your end of year holiday gift giving. You know how people say that all proceeds go to the program? It is literal for ACG. None of us take a paycheck for what we do. It is the most obsessive hobby I ever had though.  And when I finish school, I can’t wait to do it for a living for the rest of my life. Adaptive Climbing Group has changed my entire life. Every hour I am not at school or work I am putting my soul into this organization.  You are my family. But like most things in this world it’s not autonomous. It does not happen without support. This support will allow us to continue our programming and help others who reach out to us across the country.”

Click here to give now! 

How To Live Out of a Van Pt II: Giving up Normal Food

Remember Austin Laurent, who quit his job and started living out of a van to rock climb? Here’s Part II: How to Give Up Normal Food.


Austin has been shirking traditional meals for Soylent, a nutritional drink that is meant to fulfill all of your dietary needs. It costs about $300 a month, but the DIY versions can be as low as $100 a month. If you’re sick of Thanksgiving leftovers and are considering living off Soylent, here’s a firsthand account of what it’s actually like:


Real talk. What does it taste like?
I’ve tried 3 different varieties of Soylent. Official Soylent, and two DIY recipes called Schmoylent and People Chow. Official Soylent tastes kind of like coffee, kind of like chocolate, and kind of like vanilla, but ultimately, not really like any of those. It is definitely the best tasting of the three I mentioned, and tastes even better when you blend in your favorite fruit! My second favorite is Schmoylent. As the name suggests, it is a DIY copy of official Soylent that is a pretty good imitation, although it doesn’t have any of the vanilla flavor that Soylent has. Schmoylent tastes like liquid oats with a little bit of stevia added for sweetness. It is the most plain and neutral tasting variety and could definitely benefit from having some fruit blended in, but sadly, we don’t have a blender in the van. People Chow is one of the cheapest varieties, but also my least favorite. It tastes like liquid tortilla, and began to get on my nerves when I drank it for a few days straight. I don’t think I could convince myself to drink it consistently.


Soylent Austin & Dimitri, with soylent.
Do you ever miss “real” food?
A full day’s worth of Soylent is 2000 calories, and while that might be enough for most people, it falls a bit short when you spend every day hiking and climbing. I supplement with Clif bars, fruit, and small snacks like carrots with hummus, or pretzels with peanut butter. This usually puts me nearer to the 3000 calorie mark. Additionally, when you meet new friends at the crag and they invite you out to dinner, it’s very rude to decline and just drink Soylent instead. I typically have a regular meal with friends once a week or so, and I also have a bit of a sweet tooth, so if I see a bakery selling cookies, I will tend to buy one… or three.


Could you live off Soylent for the rest of your life?
Once I’m done living out of my van, I plan to continue consuming Soylent for meals that I would otherwise eat alone. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, if it’s not going to be a social meal, I would rather have Soylent.


Any bizarre side effects?
Dimitri, my climbing partner, finds that he no longer needs caffeine since starting on Soylent. We both have very vivid and lucid dreams that we discuss every morning, but other than that I feel like my body is running like a well oiled machine.


That’s interesting. How frequently are you lucid dreaming now?
I’m having extremely vivid and memorable dreams every night, but I haven’t been writing them down. I need to begin tracking them in order to achieve frequent lucidity. I’ve become lucid twice in my dreams so far, but I’d like to increase that number.


Do you ever rock climb in your dreams? Or what do you lucid dream about?
I haven’t done any climbing in my dreams. I love music, and I often find myself dreaming about my favorite musicians. For example, I had a dream last night, where I was riding in a car with The Tallest Man on Earth. However, I have only become lucid in dreams that featured a crisis of some sort. I get jerked into lucidity when the events of my dreams violate my moral principles. You can read more about my dream escapades here.

A BKB Thanksgiving Special: Zombies Can Climb

Remember when Petzl released their Zombie Escape Solutions document? Being a rock climber puts you at an advantage for the impending apocalypse, since traditionally zombies can’t climb:

“Due to limited mobility and mental capacity, zombies have trouble navigating vertical and high-angle terrain. To move safely in a zombie-infested world, it’s valuable to think in three dimensions”.

However, at Brooklyn Boulders…

Brooklyn Boulders – Zombies CAN Climb from Michael Simonetti on Vimeo.

Happy Thanksgiving, BKB!


Special thank you to: Michael Simonetti, Chris Schiro, Garrett Koeppicus, Robert Henry, Jason Coyne and Ashton Horton.

*Produced by BKB member Michael Simonetti, founder of Wigwam Creative, a production company that works with athletes and adventure-based companies. His passion for the outdoor lifestyle puts him right in the grind with those who are looking to document their odysseys using cutting-edge technology.

Follow ‘em at @wigwam_creative @mikesimo3 @cschir2.