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Pivotte: Stylish Clothes to Climb In

Problem: you are a working professional that is obsessed with climbing, and your Lululemon pants are no longer acceptable at board meetings.

Solution: Pivotte – Stylish Performance Wear for Women On-The-Go, founded by Brooklyn Boulders members Evelyn Frison and Yehua Yang.

breakfast club bkb

Breakfast Club + Ninth Street Espresso

Good news, early risers. Breakfast club at Brooklyn Boulders just got better – we’ll be serving Ninth Street Espresso  (which is nestled inside Threes Brewing, just across the street) coffee tomorrow morning on Thursday, February 19th in addition to bagels and fruit.

Breakfast club is every other Thursday at 7am – start your day off with a balanced diet of coffee + climbs.


Kevin Jorgeson showing off his hands, post Dawn Wall.

Catching up Kevin Jorgeson Post Dawn-Wall

At the January 30th Climbers’ Gathering event, hosted by American Alpine Club at Brooklyn Boulders, we got to catch up with climber Kevin Jorgeson and find out how his life is, post Dawn Wall:

What is American Alpine Club? Missed the action? See a recap here:

Special thanks to: Jen Morgan, Michael Wideburg, Hudson Whiskey, Whole Foods 3rd on 3rd, and American Alpine Club.