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lucid dream climbing

Wanna Climb Better? Just go to Sleep.

I was climbing the 30 Wall the other day on a high-gravity day. I was flailing; failing hard. You know those days when you can’t seem to get your footwork quite right? When the skin on your finger-tips is shredded down paper thin and your arms are pumped after a few attempts? One of those days.

Untitled 2

Shower and Locker Room Revamp

You’ve been waiting for the day, and so have we. Our showers are getting completely redone with beautiful fresh tile come this Sunday. In light of that, our showers will be temporarily closed for renovation.


Get your ice axes ready. We’re hosting a LAVA MONSTER competition on January 25th, 2015.

Here’s a throwback to our last Lava Monster competition — which was a blast!

lava monster throwback

This year, we’re doing an ICE EDITION of Lava Monster (appropriate for the freezing weather these days), sponsored by Furnace Industries. Climbers will be using ice axes to aid their journey across the danger zones, and two winners will be crowned Ice Queen & Ice King.

Register here!