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Brooklyn is more than a city. It’s a state of mind. A state of mind that’s inspired a passionate and diverse community of artists, athletes, entrepreneurs and countless others to leave their mark. Today, we want to give you the opportunity to make yours on our special anniversary tee shirt.

Submit a shirt design that represents your local BKB community for the anniversary of our very first location, founded in Brooklyn on 09.09.09.


See your design at BKB + You could win:

Bragging rights | 6-Month Membership | 10% of proceeds of Limited-Edition shirts at local facility




  1. Use this “Baseball Tee” template
  2. Incorporate 09.09.09 and a reference to your local BKB community
  3. No more than two colors
  4. Submit your entries as a PDF with the name of your facility in the subject line and your name and phone number in the body to


The deadline is August 9 — Good luck!


Meredith Koch, climbing at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville. All photos by Simone Schiess.

Community Spotlight: Meredith Koch, On a Mission to #EndPianoViolence

Brooklyn Boulders Somerville climber Meredith Koch was paralyzed by a falling piano last year (#endpianoviolence). But she’s discovered since that having a physical disability can actually open doors for creativity and passion.