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Brooklyn Boulders Expeditions


Brooklyn Boulders Expeditions are the uniquely immersive outdoor experiences you’ve been waiting for.

Join your BKB Community as we hike, camp, climb, cook, explore new and exciting locations, while enjoying some good old-fashioned human connection.

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”

-John Muir


From the inside, out. Take your climbing outside with our introductory overnight Explorer Series. Designed for those interested in learning more about outdoor climbing through a highly immersive, hands-on experience.


Develop your technique and bolster your skills with our one day Expedition Series. Focusing on the technical aspects of outdoor climbing, there are no bells and whistles with this series. 100% pure climbing and training through workshops and seminars.


The coveted multi-day, fully immersive experience, our premium Experience Series takes you away from local crags to some of the most badass and beautiful locations in the country.  Working with local guides and businesses, our team carefully crafts incredible outdoor adventures. These are the trips that you will remember for years to come.


Get stoked. Brooklyn Boulders Expeditions (BKBX) deliver participants premium outdoor experiences, all the way from Rumney, NH to Moab, Utah. Discover what’s next in our schedule below. 

"Couldn't have asked for better guides...extremely professional when it came to our safety and climbing, but still had me in stitches they were so funny"

"A perfect balance of professionalism and camaraderie"

"Can't emphasize enough how great the guides were with this trip. Would definitely do it all over again, and I wouldn't change a thing"

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